Windy weather

I was sent to photograph an old tree that fell, blocking a Greenville road in Cleveland Park, Tuesday. By the time I was able to get out there, the tree had been removed. There were still crews working the scene and I had to get a photo, so I walked over. This was my favorite picture from the shoot mainly because I liked all the fallen, broken traffic lights lined up. Also, you can spot the old tree stump in the background.


Every year - on Sunday - I photograph the Greenville art festival, Artisphere. I try to come up with something a little different every time. This particular photograph did not run in the newspaper, but it did run online. At the moment I passed this booth of dress sculptures, it caught my eye to see women in dresses browsing. Also, I loved the little girl in the middle. It looks like she is about to curtsey.


Man. Hole.

Man. Hole. I was sent to photograph sewer repairs in Greenville for a daily news story. I ended up leaning over the man hole and sticking my camera down inside. I thought it was kind of a fun shot for a standard road work picture.

Charter School students

I was sent to photograph the South Carolina treasurer giving Legacy Charter School students computer games that teach financially literacy as well as tablet computers. Before he began interacting with the kids, I snapped this photograph. I loved the flags in the background.

Movie Night

Spring in Greenville means lots of outdoor events. These events are great for an instant feature photograph and every once in a while you come away with a picture that makes you smile.

SC GOP Debate

I pulled some of my favorite photographs from first republican presidential debate of 2011 in Greenville. I did not include photographs from the actual debate because we did not shoot any. Due to the harsh restrictions placed upon still photographers at the event, the Associated Press refused coverage unless the rules were changed. Our newspaper stood with the Associated Press and we did not enter the debate hall. However, we did cover the surrounding event since the debate was local.

Accident at the Ballpark

I was sitting in the press box at Fluor Field editing my photographs from the Greenville Drive baseball game. There was a feeling of excitement and upon hearing a slight commotion I turned around just in time to see a foul ball fly directly at the window. Usually the baseball will bounce off the glass and end up in the stands below. Tonight, that foul ball hit and completely shattered the outer layer of shatterproof glass. Surprise!

Easter Sunday

I spent Sunday morning at work photographing the congregation of Mountain View Baptist Church. The church was welcoming and the service was very lively. I realized that no matter how active the event that I cover, I generally seek out quieter moments. Of the day, the photograph of this little girl was my favorite.

Mr. Clemson

I spent some time hanging out with Thomas Green Clemson, well, actually Ron Grant playing Thomas Green Clemson. He (and I) spent the afternoon waiting for visitors to Fort Hill, the home of John C. Calhoun and Clemson during Clemson University's Founder's Day events on Wednesday, April 6, 2011.

Pickens (SC) Schools

Hundreds of people turned out for their chance to speak at a Pickens County School board meeting regarding proposed cuts. As school board members were breaking for an executive session, Mary Kelly approached the front to speak with the members. I think this was one of the more interesting school board meetings that I have covered.

Missing Vietman Soldiers

I spent some time talking with Lora Booher and her family. She was three-years old when her father James Graff died in Vietnam. She was recently notified that his remains had been found and identified. She poses with a picture of her father from her Greenville home on Tuesday, March 1, 2011.

Chasing a fire in Easley (SC)

I was on my way back to the office from shooting a baseball game in Easley when I spotted a cloud of smoke so black that it stood out even in the night sky. Then, I saw the glowing of the fire. I tracked it down and started shooting. I only had a few minutes to take pictures since deadline was not too far off. You never know what you will come across, when you work nights at the newspaper.

SC: State of Emergency

South Carolina was declared a State of Emergency this week as a huge snow storm came through. Last night, the SC National Guard rolled into town to help transport hospital workers to and from work. It was surreal to see Humvees and soldiers in downtown Greenville. And, as I started to think about it, it was the first time I had photographed National Guard units deployed locally. I have photographed the Guard many times, but usually as they leave or return from the war. These are a few of my favorites.

Happy Halloween!!

The other day I got a phone call that there was an emergency photo shoot - Zombies! Yes. The Link photographer couldn't make one of his photo shoots and I was asked to fill in. I drove up to one of the older cemeteries in Greenville and waited. I was a little hesitant as the zombies, who will be participating in a charity ZombieWalk, walked through the front gate. During the quick shoot, we did plenty of scary poses and individual poses. But, just before we left the location we decided to try one last pose. Happy zombies. This photo just makes me laugh. Enjoy!

Friday night lights

Currently, when the newspaper sends us out to shoot Friday night football (as well as many other events), we are asked to bring back 150-200 photographs to create an online gallery. Yes, it is a lot of photos! So, I try to get a lot of the non-action shots out of the way by getting to the game early. This was one photo I enjoyed of my 150 shots from this past Friday night as Southside High hosted Wade Hampton High School.

Katrina: Five years later

Mary Mujahid, right, who was evacuated to Greenville from New Orleans after Hurricane Katrina, sits with her granddaughter Granda Welch, left, and Granda's daughter Terri Lynn Hicks at Mary's new home in Greenville on Thursday, August 26, 2010.

I was sent to shoot the amazing story of this family on the fifth anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. Both grandmother and granddaughter survived and eventually made it out of the hurricane-ravaged New Orleans, but they had very different experiences. Even five years later, emotions of gratitude and anger were running high.

Greenville Drive

Last night was a busy night photographically and with deadlines for print and galleries fast approaching I almost called it a night. I changed to a location that I normally don't shoot from and I got this photo as well as another decent action shot. Pretty good reminder to change it up and try something new.